Why Pinnacle Wealth Management?

Diverse goals often compete for resources. You may need help in prioritizing your financial objectives and incorporating them into a cohesive plan. We act as your personal CFO and help you prioritize your goals and determine which strategies best complement your personal financial objectives now and in the future.


Independence is the centerpiece of our philosophy. We offer no proprietary products; we simply provide the most appropriate choice for you, no matter the source.


Pinnacle Wealth Management Group, Inc. was founded on the premise that our clients’ needs come first and that you should be treated with the respect you deserve by people who care about you. Our company was created for you, with your needs and financial goals in mind.


While our team employs the latest technology and research, we still believe that personal relationships are critical to helping you meet your wealth management objectives. The key element in our relationship is understanding you, your financial circumstances, needs, and objectives.

Customized Strategies

We provide customized strategies and strategic planning to high-net-worth investors and their families. We understand that the most appropriate and sound choices are the ones that fit each clients’ individual circumstances and not generic, off-the-shelf products and advice sold to thousands of investors. We also believe in providing these services with unparalleled customer service and attention to every detail.

Our Team

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Daniel A. Cesta, CPA, CFP®, MST |
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